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Off-Premise Sign Application

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  2. Application For Commercial Off-Premise Sign
  3. Zoning Classification:
    Does this property abut residential property? (Please Circle)
  4. Applicants Name
  5. Enter the best contact email for followup of your application approval.
  6. Requirements for Conditional Use Application may apply:
    ** Off-Premise Signs are permitted in C-3, I- I, & I-2 Zoning Districts except where the property on which the sign is to be located adjoins a residentially-zoned property; then it shall require a Conditional Use application before the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.
  7. Are Copies of Site Plan Attached:
  8. Input the Contracted Sign Price of Project
  9. Enter Type
  10. Enter Sign Transition Speed
  11. Please attach all required plans and documents. See Checklist below. (Please consolidate multiple files into one *.PDF file)
  12. Application Check List of Attachments Required
    1. Completed information on this form; 2. Existing property boundaries and any structures and other physical features of the site; 3. Setback lines; 4. Elevation views of the proposed sign showing all faces, height and width dimensions, and dimension from ground level to the bottom of the sign faces; 5. Construction details of the proposed sign showing all structural components, electrical facilities, and lighting; and, 6. Certified statement from a professional structural engineer licensed in Arkansas that the sign meets all requirements of the International Building Code including wind load provisions. 7. Following issuance of a sign permit and completion of installation, the structural engineer shall verify, in writing, to the City Planner that the sign has been installed in accordance with the approved plan and permit.
  13. Please type your full name followed by the four digit current year as verification that you certify the answers to the above questions and any statements made are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.
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