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Board/Commission Application

  1. Board or Commission/Committee Application

    Application for board or commission appointment

City Attorney

  1. Affidavit for Criminal Charges

    You are accessing the Jonesboro City Attorney’s electronic affidavit form to press criminal charges. In order to file an affidavit for... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Yard Sale Registration Form

    Must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to yard sale, rummage sale, garage sale, etc. May not hold more than 4 sales per calendar... More…

Collections Office

  1. Application for On Premises Liquor Consumption Permit

    Regulated by Title IV, Chapter 32 of the City of Jonesboro Code of Ordinances

  2. Information Update for City of Jonesboro Privilege License

    This form is to ensure the City of Jonesboro has the most current information by which to contact you.

  3. Statement of Average Amount of Stock of Merchandise

    Statement of Average Amount of Stock of Merchandise Under Schedule A of Occupation Tax Ordinance

  4. Telephone Franchise Fee

    Monthly Access Line Revenue Report

  1. Gross Receipts-Motel Tax Monthly Report

    Report required when remitting Hotel and Motel occupancy tax proceeds

  2. Privilege License Application

    Application for businesses or occupations

  3. Supplemental Beverage Tax Monthly Report

    City of Jonesoro Supplemental Beverage Tax Monthly Report


  1. Alert Notification

    Jonesboro E-911 has the ability to document medical conditions, special needs or special requests of individuals in our Computer Aided... More…

  2. Autistic / Developmental Disabilities Registry

    This form will give the Jonesboro E-911 Center information in assisting with autistic family members in the event that the family... More…

  3. Jonesboro E-911 Cares...

    ... about providing excellent and courteous public service. We would like to know if we are succeeding and how we can do better. Please... More…

  4. Request a Speaker

    Note: Information collected on this form is NOT for requesting emergency or non-emergency services. Police, Fire and/or Emergency... More…

  1. Apartment Complex Registry

    This form will give the 9-1-1 Center information needed in the event that contact needs to be made regarding any issue at the complex.

  2. Countywide Business Registration

    We are compiling a database, in case of emergency, with information for businesses within the city limits of Jonesboro, as well as... More…

  3. Livestock Registry

    This form will give the 9-1-1 Center information to more effectively locate owners of livestock when they are reported to be at large.

  4. Storm Shelter Registry

    This form will give the 9-1-1 Center information to aid responders in locating residents in the event of a natural disaster.

Fire Department

  1. Request A Speaker

    Request a member of the Jonesboro Fire Department to speak at an event/to a group about fire safety and procedures.


  1. Transportation Concerns

    Please report concerns that you have regarding traffic congestion, pavement conditions, access issues (i.e. with transit, bike and... More…

Parks & Rec

  1. City of Jonesboro Special Events Application

    The City of Jonesboro has enacted an ordinance for assemblies, demonstrations, special events and parades. The information required on... More…

Police Dept

  1. JPD Citizen Complaint Form about Police Officers

    *This form is ONLY for residents/citizens to file a complaint about police officers and something they did. If you want to file a... More…