What does a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) do?

The MPO is responsible for planning and developing a safe, efficient, and multimodal transportation system for the region. Major work activities of the MPO include development and maintenance of the following:

  •  A Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - a guide for transportation investments in the MPO area for the next 25 years (The N.A.R.T.P.C. updates its MTP every five years) 
  • A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - a three to four-year program of anticipated highway and transit improvements in the MPO area. (The N.A.R.T.P.C. updates its TIP every three to four years) 
  • A Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) - identifies the tasks to be performed by the MPO and its member agencies using MPO funds. (The N.A.R.T.P.C. prepares a new UPWP each year) 
  • A Public Participation Plan (PPP) - describes the ways in which the MPO involves citizens in the transportation planning process. (The N.A.R.T.P.C. reviews its PPP regularly and updates the plan as needed) 

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