Who are the current land bank commissioners?
  • Dr. Bob Warner, Chair – Represents Ward 1
  • James Hollywood, Vice Chair – Represents Ward 2
  • Becky Durham – Represents Ward 3
  • Jeremy Moore – Represents Ward 4
  • Jeffrey Herndon – Developer of low to moderate income housing
  • Ray Osment – Represents the housing industry
  • Brent Martin – Officer of a financial institution
  • Dennis Zolper – Represents the Jonesboro Urban Renewal Housing Authority
  • Corey Mills – Represents the CFHB Committee
  • Bill Reznicek – Jonesboro Chief Financial Officer
  • Jonathan Smith – Land Bank Director
  • Jessica Thomason – City Attorney

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1. What is a land bank?
2. What is the purpose of the Jonesboro land bank and the Jonesboro Land Bank Commission?
3. How many land banks are operating throughout the country?
4. What policies govern the acquisition of properties into the land bank inventory?
5. What are the priorities concerning the disposition of properties from the land bank inventory?
6. Priorities as to who purchases property from the land bank:
7. Where can I find a list of all property in the land bank inventory?
8. How does the land bank acquire property for the land bank inventory?
9. Can I attend Commission meetings?
10. Who are the current land bank commissioners?