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Craighead Forest Park

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  1. Basketball
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Camping
  5. Disc Golf Course
  6. Fishing
  7. Grill
  8. Horseshoes
  9. Pavilion
  10. Picnic Areas
  11. Picnic Shelters
  12. Picnic Tables
  13. Playground
  14. Restrooms
  15. Splash Pad
  16. Trails
  17. Volleyball

About Craighead Forest Park:

Residing within Crowley's Ridge, and located just off of Stadium Blvd., Craighead Forest Park is a regular spot for many to visit in Craighead County. The park is a convenient spot for campers, providing an RV campground with several amenities needed for camping. Some of the other features in Craighead Forest Park include bike and hiking trails, fishing spots, even a swimming spot for dogs! There are also several playgrounds for families to use. Whether you're passing through Craighead County, or simply needing to spend some time outdoors, Craighead Forest Park provides plenty of space and opportunities for everyone!

Check out some of the other features provided at Craighead Forest Park! Other subfacilities located in Craighead Forest Park can be found below. For reservations, questions, and/or comments, feel free to contact us at the Parks & Recreation Department!


  1. Band Shell

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  2. Boat Ramp

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  3. Dog Jumping Pier

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  4. Fort Rotary Playground

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  5. Jerry Bookout Memorial Playground

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  6. Joe N. Martin Pavilion

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  7. Mountain Bike Trailhead

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  8. Pavilion 1

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  9. Pavilion 2

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  10. Pavilion 3

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  11. Pavilion 4

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  12. Pavilion 5

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  13. Pavilion 6

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  14. Rotary Centennial Playground

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