Stormwater Management Board (SWMB)


The City of Jonesboro Stormwater Management Board (SWMB) holds meetings monthly to review stormwater policy and implementation of its program and encourage involvement from public on future changes.

In order to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Jonesboro, the provisions of these regulations are intended to: (1) reduce property damage and human suffering, (2) minimize the hazards of personal injury and loss of life due to flooding, and (3) protect water quality and the environment.

The Stormwater Management Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the First Floor Conference Room at the Municipal Center, 300 South Church Street, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401. 

Audio of past Stormwater Management Board meetings can be found on our City of Jonesboro Youtube page.

The Stormwater Management Board is composed of local professionals, contractors, and members of the general public interested in stormwater related issues.

Board Members

  • Rick Wyatt, Chairman
  • Jeannie Gillis, Vice-Chair
  • Jeremy Bevill
  • LJ Bryant, Chair of the Drainage Subcommittee of Public Works Council Committee
  • Dr. Charles Coleman
  • Jeff Steiling
  • David Handwork
  • Clint Jackson
  • Susan Merideth
  • LaGanzie Kale
  • Pam Alexander