Oversight Integrity Council


The Oversight Integrity Council (“OIC”) was created by Ordinance 19:029 by the Jonesboro City Council on July 2, 2019. They are tasked with “identifying, researching, investigating, reviewing, and prioritizing the potential future public improvements, subject to the final approval of the City Council”.

The funding of these future public improvements would be from half of the proposed 1% sales tax as described in Ordinance 19:030, subject to approval by city voters on September 10. The funds may be used to acquire, construct, repair, equip, and improve capital improvements of a public nature directly related to arts, aquatics, beautification, libraries, museums, park facilities, recreational facilities, sidewalks, and trail systems, and to provide funds for the operation, maintenance, and staffing of such capital improvements.

“Capital improvements of a public nature” are considered to be new or replacement improvements to real or personal property owned by a public entity for a public benefit.

If approved by the voters, the sales and use tax will expire not later than twelve (12) years after the date first collected, which would be Jan. 1, 2020.

Members: Integrity Council Nominated by Mayor - Press Release (PDF)

Rules of Order and Conflict of Interest Prohibitions: Rules of Order and Conflict of Interest Prohibitions v3 (PDF)

Process and Method of Project Evaluation and Prioritization: Process and Method of Project Evaluation and Prioritization, v3 (PDF)

Announcement: OIC Accepting Appointments for Presentations for August 29 Meeting: OIC to Hear Proposals - Press Release (PDF) The OIC is now accepting appointments by organizations and individuals to make a first round of presentations to the OIC at its meeting on Thursday, August 29, 9am, in the City Council Chambers. Other dates for presentations will follow. The presentations would be for the purpose of understanding the initial needs and requests in the community for eligible projects. Detailed costs and projections are not required at this time. The OIC will not make final recommendations on projects to recommend to the Jonesboro City Council until projects are completely reviewed and prioritized, including construction, operation, and maintenance costs, which could take several months. More details of the method that organizations should use in their presentation and how to sign up for an appointment is described in the document “Attachment C”. Presentations by Organizations for Project Funding, v4 (PDF)

Presentations to the OIC, August 29, 2019