Current & Upcoming Transportation Projects 

FY 2019-2022  Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Projects

FY 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Projects

*The data in these documents will be updated accordingly with new STIP/TIP developments and decennial Census record releases

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Craighead County

Craighead County Community Profile

National Performance Goals

The objective of this performance- and outcome-based program is for States to invest resources in projects that collectively will make progress toward the achievement of the national goals.

SafetyTo achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads
Infrastructure ConditionTo maintain the highway infrastructure asset system in a state of good repair
Congestion ReductionTo achieve a significant reduction in congestion on the National Highway System
System ReliabilityTo improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system
Freight Movement & Economic VitalityTo improve the national freight network, strengthen the ability of rural communities to access national and international trade markets, and support regional economic development
Environmental SustainabilityTo enhance the performance of the transportation system while protecting and enhancing the natural environment
Reduced Project Delivery DelaysTo reduce project costs, promote jobs and the economy, and expedite the movement of people and goods by accelerating project completion through eliminating delays in the project development and delivery process, including reducing regulatory burdens and improving agencies’ work practices

We remain dedicated to supporting any and all performance goals and subsequent targets implemented by the state of Arkansas!

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Infrastructure Condition: Bridge & Pavement

System Reliability

Transit Asset Management

Safety Performance Fact Sheet*The performance data in these documents will be routinely updated