About Us

Public Meeting of AR Department of Transportation held 2/7/19 regarding design for Commerce Drive Ex

Who Are We....

Established in 2003, the Northeast Arkansas Regional Transportation Planning Commission (N.A.R.T.P.C.) serves as the designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the cities of Bay, Bono, Brookland, Jonesboro and some unicorporated parts of Craighead County.  

The N.A.R.T.P.C. is comprised of locally-elected officials of the aforementioned jurisdictions as well as various representatives from state and local agencies such as the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT), JET, Jonesboro Municipal Airport, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Arkansas State University.  These officials and representatives serve as the governing body for the N.A.R.T.P.C. as members of the Technical Advisory Committee & Transportation Policy Committee.

A majority of the technical and administrative activities dealing with the conduct of the MPO are accomplished by the MPO Director and Staff, who are ultimately responsible to the Transportation Policy Committee. Technical support for MPO activities is provided by both the Planning and Research Division and District 10 Engineers of ARDOT by virtue of representation on the Technical Advisory Committee and the Transportation Policy Committee.

Read our bylaws (PDF).

What Do We Do....

The primary objective of the Northeast Arkansas Regional Transportation Planning Commission (N.A.R.T.P.C.) is to prepare consesus-driven, fiscally-constrained plans for the development of a safe, efficient, and multimodal regional transportation system.  The N.A.R.T.P.C. must maintain a “3-C” (Comprehensive, Cooperative, and Continuing) planning process as required by federal guidelines for eligibility for federal transportation funding.

Major products developed by the N.A.R.T.P.C. are as follows: Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), Public Participation Plan (PPP)