NEA Volleyball Academy

Are your children showing interest in Volleyball, but you don't have the time or resources that come along with the Junior Olympics schedule? Our NEA Volleyball Academy is the answer for you. The heavily emphasized fundamental league provides the children of our community the chance to play a less competitive version of volleyball. We want to give the children an opportunity to learn about the great team sport of volleyball. 

The City of Jonesboro's intent with the NEA Volleyball Academy is to provide an alternate to the Junior Olympic or traveling team volleyball, but we also view the Academy as a stepping stone for the athletes of Northeast Arkansas. Children that learn the fundamentals in the Academy will have a foundation of skills that will transfer to the Junior Olympic, Junior High School, High School, and College scene.

That Foundation could possibly lead to the athletes of the Academy contributing to the successful nature of Northeast Arkansas Volleyball teams.  

We want to build on the rich culture of Volleyball dominance, starting with the NEA Volleyball Academy. Registration begins in October and the season run from November through Mid-January. We can't wait to see you on the court!