Wolf Cub Tackle Football

Wolf Cub Tackle Football is a self-paid program for grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Registration starts first of July and goes thru middle of August. All equipment and uniforms will be provided on loan to all participants. Teams are built based on the school your child attends with coaches from those communities. We will be holding camps throughout the summer (dates to be announced) so your children are ready to hit the ground running when we start our season in September.

*Updated 8/7/20*

2020 Season Information

We will begin this season with 2-3 weeks of Wolf Cub Academy.  This will be a weekly camp and clinic program concentrating on fundamentals and conditioning for anyone participating in the Wolf Cub Flag and/or Wolf Cub Tackle football programs.  If all is going well with the junior high and high school football programs here in Northeast Arkansas after those first few weeks, then we will roll right into regular seasons of both flag and tackle.  Registration should be live on 8/17 and it will give everyone just shy of 3 weeks to get registered.  The cost for Wolf Cub Academy will be $25 (payable online), and the additional full season cost will be payable in person at Earl Bell once we begin our regular seasons ($25 for tackle, $15 for flag).

Wolf Cub Academy Begins: 9/12 (times TBD)

Games Begin: TBD 

Playoffs Begin: TBD

Wolf Cub Championships at A.S.U.: TBD

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