Rotary Centennial Park

Rotary Centennial Park, located on Rotary Way, is designed so that handicapped children can play alongside able-bodied friends. The park not only includes a playground, but it also includes a bankshot basketball court and a splash pad. Rotary Centennial Park was made possible by the 3 Rotary Clubs in Jonesboro (Rotary Club of Jonesboro, Rotary Club of Jonesboro - University, and Rotary Club of Jonesboro - Metro), and it was dedicated to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Rotary International.

Castle Playground

The castle playground, located at Access #3 of Craighead Forest Park, is a handicapped-accessible playground. In this magical place, children can allow their imaginations to whisk them off to a time and place of kings, queens, knights, maidens, dragons, and ogres.