The Street Department, managed by the Street Superintendent, has 54 full time employees including 2 Supervisors; mechanics; various equipment operators and laborers; and administrative support. There are 2 divisions in the department:


This division is responsible for maintaining and repairing dedicated City streets, alleys, drainage structures, major ditches; ditch tributaries; and roadside ditches. Duties include:

  • Installing and maintaining drainage pipes - repairing leaks and removing blockages
  • Erosion control on drainage ditches
  • Cleaning drainage ditches
  • Mowing drainage ditches
  • Building detention ponds
  • Asphalt repairs to streets
  • Construction of new City streets or turn lanes


This division is responsible for maintaining and repairing concrete structures; street signs; road striping; trimming trees & shrubs; mowing; and litter control. Duties include:

  • Installing new and maintaining existing sidewalk; curb; drainage boxes
  • Making, installing and maintaining all street signs
  • Road striping
  • Crack and joint sealing for asphalt streets
  • Mowing and spraying herbicide on City lots; detention ponds and certain street and state right-of-ways
  • Removal of fallen trees or limbs from streets and right-of-ways
  • Litter pick up on right-of-ways
  • Street sweeping on streets with curb and gutter

Both divisions work together during severe weather conditions which may include wind damage; flash flooding; or snow and ice removal.


  • Number of City streets - 1667
  • Miles of paved / concrete streets - 459
  • Miles of major drainage ditches - 296

 Street Department Fees (PDF)