We are the Sanitation Department, and we pick up your garbage! If you have any questions or concerns about trash collection in Jonesboro, please call us at 870-932-7520.

You have a designated trash pickup day. On that day we will collect your household trash, recycled items, and yard waste. We run collection routes Monday through Friday. If there is a holiday, or we have had bad weather that keeps our trucks off the road, we will adjust our pickup schedule. Please follow the City's Facebook page: City of Jonesboro Arkansas Official Page to keep informed about when we will be adjusting our collection schedule.

When you first move to a residence in Jonesboro, give us a call so we can make sure you have a trash cart. Please do not put loose garbage and trash in the cart. It can really make a mess when we dump the cart into the truck. Put your household trash in trash bags, and then put the bags in the cart.

Put the cart at the curb no later than 6:00am on your designated day, and we'll collect your garbage!

What do we pickup? And when?

  1. Household Trash
  2. Yard Waste
  3. Tree Limbs
  4. Large or Bulky Items
  5. Recycling

Household Trash—Collected on your usual trash pickup day according to the schedule.

You just need to put your bagged household trash in the cart we give you. You should put the cart out no later than 6:00 a.m. on your designated collection day. Most residents put their cart out the night before. You can’t leave your cart at the curb, so please take it back to your house after we have dumped it. We use automated collection trucks, so we will not pick up any loose trash or bags of trash that are not in the cart. Trash carts need to be five (5) feet away from mailbox and vehicles, and NOT sitting under a basketball goal or high line wires.

Household Trash - YESHousehold Trash—YES!

- Garbage and trash normally generated at home
- Place trash in bags—place bags in cart

Household Trash NOHousehold Trash—NO!

- Liquid paint of any kind
- Liquids, especially flammable ones like gasoline or kerosene
- Tires, oil, batteries, or similar automotive-related items
- Anything that could explode or cause a fire
- Compressed gas cylinders (except normal aerosol cans from household products) - Ammunition, black powder, or blasting agents
- Construction waste (boards, drywall, carpet, wood scraps, insulation, etc.) - Rocks, bricks, mortar, concrete or similar materials
- Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, sticks, twigs, etc.)

Trash & Recycling Collection Schedules