The duties of this department include plan reviews, overseeing Arkansas Fire Prevention Code compliance on new construction and remodeling. This department is also responsible for performing electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural inspections on residential, commercial and industrial construction.

All inspectors are State Level Plumbing and HVAC inspectors. All personnel within the department has a lateral capability of performing all phases of inspections from start to finish.


The following is an updated list for all applicable codes used within the city limits of Jonesboro Arkansas. (Updated January 1, 2023)

Plan Review

Residential Review

Takes approximately 3 to 5 days from date submitted to Planning.


  1. Submit application to the Planning & Zoning Department.
  2. Planning distributes to Engineering for all floodplain issues
  3. Inspections does final approvals before issuing Permits

Note: When submitting to Planning with application ensure that you include foundation, walls and completed roof details. These must be in the plans in order for the Inspections Department to issue the building permit.

Commercial Review

Takes approximately 5 to 15 days from date submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department.


  1. Submit application to Planning & Zoning Department.
  2. Planning distributes plans to the Engineering, Fire Marshals and Inspections Department for review.
  3. Once all reviews are completed and signed off the Inspections department will complete their review and sign off and issue Building Permit.

Note: Due to the commercial being more complex for review please ensure that at least one set of plans is wet stamped and signed by Architects/Structural Engineers, following complete code analysis listed above.

 Inspections Fees (PDF)

Request an Inspection

To schedule an inspection, email along with a description of what you need.