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1. Why are there two ballot questions?
2. What happens if one is approved but the other isn’t?
3. When will the taxes go into effect?
4. How do we know these are really temporary taxes?
5. How much money will the Street Improvements Tax raise?
6. How much money will the Economic Development Tax raise?
7. We just got rid of a tax last year — the Public Safety Tax. Why didn’t you just ask to extend that tax again?
8. At the same time the city, with approval of the voters, dropped a restriction on its permanent 1-cent sales tax. Why couldn’t you have used that for a street improvement program?
9. Why are these proposals being offered at a special election, rather than a general election?
10. Are you just trying to make sure few people vote?
11. How much will a special election cost? Who pays the cost?
12. Why are we just now hearing about the need for these street improvements projects?
13. Why didn’t you give us more time to debate these two tax proposals?
14. How will you educate the public on this?
15. What specifically will the proposed ordinances say? Will the special election ballot ask more than one question?
16. The ballot question for the Street Improvements Plan says something about “repayment of bonds.” Is a bond issue included?
17. Will these two sales taxes be applied to groceries?
18. Will the full tax rate be applied to major purchases such as vehicles?
19. What street projects will be included?
20. What will be the priority for completing the various projects?
21. Was the Highway 351 widening and relocation was drawn up to favor the developers of the proposed Greensborough Village Town Center?
22. Why can’t you do these projects with the existing taxes?
23. Does this plan do anything to help fill potholes and resurface existing streets?
24. Could you build a water park with this money?
25. The sales tax is regressive and hits poor people the hardest. Why can’t you find another way to finance street improvements and economic development?
26. The City of Jonesboro doesn’t have a property tax. Why not?
27. Why should we pass a tax for economic development? What will we get out of it?
28. Isn’t this corporate welfare?
29. Jonesboro has been recruiting industry for many years. Why do we need to change things?
30. What’s the advantage of having a public economic development corporation?
31. What will the money from the Economic Development Plan be used for?
32. Jonesboro has been contributing about $320,000 a year to the cause of industrial recruiting. Will that continue?
33. The Jonesboro industrial park still has some land available. What’s wrong with it?
34. What kind of industries would this corporation be trying to bring to Jonesboro?
35. Would the money from these two new taxes go into the General Fund and therefore get used for other purposes?
36. What would be the impact of these two taxes on a Jonesboro family?
37. How do City of Jonesboro taxes and fees compare to other cities of comparable size?
38. What are the tax rates of other towns near Jonesboro?