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Rotary Club of Jonesboro Centennial Plaza

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  1. Awnings
  2. Event Space
  3. Percussion Instruments

The Rotary Club of Jonesboro Centennial Plaza is a superb open-air venue, serving as a downtown gathering place.  The plaza provides new opportunities for interaction and entertainment between Main and Church for all ages and abilities. 

Versatile Venue:
From a day-time farmer's market to a night-time wedding, the space can host a variety of events such as plays, arts and crafts, live music, festivals, "Alive After Five," Cinco de Mayo, and Movies in the Park.  The space is designed to accommodate a variety of activities to simply enjoying a quiet time outdoors.  Patrons will enjoy the ambiance, modern look and feel of this area.  

Harmony Park:
Surprisingly delightful, these interactive art sculptures work as educational tools, challenging the imagination, encouraging play and making it possible for anyone to create music.  Specifically selected for any age and ability, they will amuse and entertain.

Multi-Use Awnings:
Large, modern awnings will be available for a variety of uses.  Visitors, shoppers and event participants will love the elegant look, sophisticated style and big-city feel.

Historical Tribute:
The Hotel Noble was a gathering place once located at the corner of Jackson and Union.  It hosted the Rotary Club of Jonesboro from its inception in 1919 through the 1950s.  A replica of the entrance to the hotel pays homage to the long history of service and community engagement the club has maintained for the past 100 years.

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