The City of Jonesboro Planning & Zoning Department is proud to present the Developer's Guide: A Guide to Building and Development in the City of Jonesboro.  This information is subject to change periodically, please check back occasionally for changes. 

Each section is broken down into a summary, flowchart, and checklist, followed by frequently asked questions to better communicate the processes involved with development in the City of Jonesboro. We have ordered the sections of this guide to match that of a development project, moving from zoning approval to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.). A list of meeting submittal deadlines and meeting times is provided, along with submittal requirements for the various processes involved. In addition, a supplement to this guide containing most of our applications and certifications are available.

Although the City Staff made every effort to simplify and condense portions of the various Ordinances, which govern development in the City of Jonesboro for the benefit of developers, developers are advised that the Ordinances should be consulted for details and clarifications. The Ordinances shall have precedent over this document if any discrepancies or conflicts arise between this document and the Ordinances.

The Developer's Guide will be updated on a regular basis, and its effectiveness will depend on input from the development community. Please feel free to forward any comments or suggestions to the Planning Division.


Land Use Amendments 2012 - Overall Map

Land Use Amendments 2012 - Modification Maps


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The Process


Zoning is one of the major functions of municipal government, authorized by State Law, which divides the City into distinct districts for the purpose of regulating the use and development of land. Through the zoning process, the City attempts to ensure compatible land use patterns by minimizing conflicts between uses thereby protecting property values and enhancing the urban environment.

The City of Jonesboro's Zoning Ordinance is a body of regulations pertaining to allowable uses within given zoning districts, characteristics of the sites occupied by those uses, and the geographic area contained within the boundaries of zoning districts. 

If it is determined that your proposed use conflicts with the allowable uses within the existing zoning district, you may consider making an application for a request to change the designated zoning of your site to one that will accommodate your proposed use. This change may entail expansion of existing adjacent zoning boundaries, change of the existing district to another standard zoning district, or a request for the establishment of a Planned Development district. Planned Development districts (PD’s) are designed to allow creative site design, flexibility in use, or additional regulation not provided for within the standard zoning districts.

Your first step in the zoning change process (which establishes an actual amendment to the Zoning Ordinance) will be to contact planning staff to discuss the nature of your zoning request. Staff will help you explore the feasibility of your request. Your request will be reviewed for its compatibility with the existing land uses, adjacent zoning districts and the City of Jonesboro Comprehensive Plan.

The second step will be the submission of your application for zoning change or Specific Use Permit. If your application requires the submission of a general Site Plan which is required of all Planned Developments, the information must be submitted along with the zoning application. Note that all property zone change requests are subject to properly posting an Intent to Rezone sign which publicizes hearing details to be obtained tat the local planning office concerning the zoning change.

Following application submission, your case will be heard by the Planning Commission (MAPC), who will make recommendation regarding your request to the City Council. The City Council will, in turn, decide the final disposition of your request (see the Zoning Process Flow Chart).

Specific Use Permits or Conditional Uses, while not zoning districts within themselves, are special permits mandated by the Schedule of Uses allowing particular use of a site within a standard zoning district under certain conditions and restrictions. 

Planned Developments, or PD's, accommodate planned associations of uses developed as integral land use units. These can include industrial districts, offices, commercial or service centers, shopping centers, residential developments of multiple or mixed housing including attached single-family dwellings or any appropriate combination thereof. Planned Developments may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by standard zoning districts in the City of Jonesboro Zoning Ordinance.

A variance is a modification of the literal provisions of the property development standards of the zoning ordinance granted when strict enforcement of the zoning ordinance would cause undue hardship owing to circumstances unique to the individual property on which the variance is granted.


Metropolitan Area Planning Commission(MAPC)
The Planning Commission (MAPC) is responsible for ensuring the orderly physical development of the city through the adoption and periodic revision of the City of Jonesboro Comprehensive Plan. The MAPC has statutory authority for the review of plats and conditional use permits, as well as the ability to make recommendations on zoning and other development issues to the City Council.

Board of Zoning Adjustment(BZA)

The Board of Zoning Adjustment hears and decides administrative appeals, requests for variances from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, and requests for the reconstruction, extension, or enlargement of nonconforming uses or structures.

Land Use Advisory Committee
The Land Use Committee, appointed by the City Council, from diverse sectors of the city representing various business, residential, educational and real estate interests, is charged with the following study responsibility:  

  • to establish appropriate development goals and objectives; and
  • to develop land use policies designed to accomplish these goals, typically referenced to with City of Jonesboro Land Use categories and strategies list;
  • to prepare a graphic Land Use Plan that conforms to the recommendations of the City of Jonesboro Comprehensive Plan, and promotes the goals, objectives and policies related to land use in the City of Jonesboro.
  • to review and revise the Land Use Plan at intervals, as prescribed by law.




The following brochures and applications are available in PDF format . Click on link to open

REZONING PROCESS(updated 3/2014)
APPEAL PROCESS(updated 3/2014)

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For the Latest and Existing Codes/Districts Please visit the City Clerk's Website.

For the Old Zoning Districts established in Year 2000, please click here.

For the New Zoning Residential and Commercial District Tables, please click here.

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