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Reminder about Changes to Parks EPCD's for Blackbird control

Recent ATF regulations cause Jonesboro Parks and Recreation to change policy on loaning EPCD devices for Blackbird control. Read More....



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300 South Church St
Jonesboro AR, 72401

City Directory

New Residential, Building, and Fire Codes

Starting in early 2014, the Office of Inspections will be introducing changes to the Residential, Building, and Fire codes for our city.

These new codes will be enforced starting on April 1, 2014.

For more information about these events, please contact, Tosha Moss at 870-933-4602 or Terry Adams at 870-336-7194.



City Council Seat Vacant

Due to recent events, Alderman Mikel Fears seat on the Jonesboro City Council is currently vacant.

Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

We would like to personally thank everyone who made our open house event a huge success! We are proud to serve the citizens of Jonesboro and hope that you enjoy YOUR new Municipal Center!

And to make things official, we had our ribbon cutting ceremony this morning.


IDRIVE Arkansas News Release

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has unveiled a new tool for motorist to use when traveling through the state.

From the news release:

"Motorists navigating the state highway system can now do so more safely and efficiently thanks to a new travel and construction information web site developed by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. is an Internet destination that enables the public to locate construction work zones on the state highway system and determine if current traffic conditions require an adjustment in travel plans. Additional layers of data can be toggled on and off to provide motorists with an overall understanding of what is happening on the state highway system."

To read the entire news release, click here.



City of Jonesboro Downtown Action Agenda Update 2013

Recently, consulting firm HyettPalma Inc. revisited Jonesboro to look at what enhancements could be made to the downtown area.

After meeting with citizens and business owners, the group has compiled updated action agenda plan for the city.

The action agenda may be viewed by clicking here.



The City of Jonesboro is seeking public comment on 6 transportation projects that are expected to greatly relieve congestion.

Click here to review.



A&P Funding is Open:

To apply for Advertising and Promotions funding please fill out the application and return to:

Jonesboro Advertising and Promotion Commission
P.O. Box 789
Jonesboro, AR 72403-0789

Application for Funding

Policy for Funding


New Ward Boundaries

Based on the 2010 census figures the City of Jonesboro has approved new ward boundaries. To view these boundaries please click on the link below.

New Ward Boundaries Map (pdf)


Text 911

Got an emergency and can't talk?

For more info regarding text 911 please watch our interview with E911 Director Jeff Presley - Click Here

Donna Jackson
Mayor Harold Perrin

"Welcome to the city of Jonesboro. I am very thankful for each and every citizen in this fine city. Please take the time to look around our site. My Administration has been working hard to provide you the first class service you deserve. I look forward to serving you as the Mayor."

Jonesboro, Arkansas is a first class city, with a population of about 68,000. The city has a Mayor-council form of government.The regular council meetings are the first and the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM at 300 South Church St.

  • Legislative Duties of the Mayor

    In all municipalities in Arkansas, the mayor presides over the meetings
    of the council in cities and towns with mayor/council form of government. The mayor may vote when the mayor's vote is needed to pass any ordinance, bylaw, resolution, or motion.
    After the passage of an ordinance setting the procedure for special council meetings, the mayor has the authority to call the council into session for a special meeting.
    The mayor is required to sign all ordinances, resolutions, and city council minutes.
    If provided by council rules, the mayor may introduce ordinances and resolutions and recommend policy.
    The mayor in cities and towns with the mayor/council form of government may veto any ordinance, resolution, or order adopted by the council.
    Councils may override the veto by two-thirds vote of the total membership
    of the council.

  • Administrative Duties of the Mayor

    • Mayors of cities and towns with mayor/council form of government are required to prepare and     submit  a budget to the city council for approval on or before December 1 of each year.
    • All mayors of cities of the first class must submit to the city council within 60 days after the end of each fiscal year a complete report on the financial and administrative activities of the city during the previous fiscal year. (State of the City report)
    • The mayor administers the day-to-day activities and supervises the city department heads and officers.

Mayors Page


Donna Jackson
Donna Jackson

The Office of City Clerk is an elected position with duties prescribed by the Arkansas State Constitution through various legislative acts of the Arkansas General Assembly.

City clerks of cities of the first class, having the mayor-council form of government, are elected for four-year terms.

In cities over fifty thousand (50,000) population, the election is in November of 1968 and every four years thereafter, e.g. 1996, 2000, 2004. The term of office commences January 1 following the November election.

To contact the City Clerk please CLICK HERE

A few of the duties prescribed by state law are as follows:

  • A.C.A. §14-43-506 - Stipulates that the city clerk “shall have custody of all the laws and ordinances of the city, and shall maintain a correct journal of the proceedings of the city council.”
  • A.C.A. §14-43-406 - Requires the city clerk to maintain the official seal of the city to be affixed to all transcripts, orders, and certificates for the purpose of authenticating city documents.
  • A.C.A. §14-54-302 - Executes the purchase, lease and sale of property, in conjunction with the mayor, when authorized by resolution by a majority vote of the city council.
  • A.C.A. §16-17-211 - Receives, files and retains the Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Statements from appointed municipal commissioners and elected officials, including the mayor, aldermen, clerk, treasurer, city attorney, and municipal judge.

The clerk’s supportive duties, to citizens and the city council comprise the office’s most important set of responsibilities. It is the clerk who is the contact between the citizens and the government, and the establishment of a clear and lasting record of the governing body’s actions will be as important today as it will be in the future.

For a listing of City Documents and Public Records, please enter the Legistar Site.





Employment Opportunities

See all open positions and apply online!

City of Jonesboro Housing Study

2012 Comprehensive Housing and Neighborhood Assessment and Plan.

Trash Pickup Schedule

For a schedule of your trash pickup please Click Here
For a schedule of our limb removal service Click Here


2014 City of Jonesboro Meeting Schedule

For a list of all the monthly scheduled city meetings Click Here!

2013 Budget Available Online

The 2013 budget is available for public view on our Finance page or just Click Here!


Jonesboro GIS Service

Looking for the Parcel Service? We have upgraded to a newer system. is now our parcel map service provider.
Click Here


New Fee Schedule (2010)

Inspections (pdf)
Engineering (pdf)
Planning (pdf)
Parks (pdf)


Master Land Use Information

Land Use Narrative (pdf)
Proposed Land Use Map (pdf)
Land Use Survey Results (pdf)


Arkansas Municipal League Videos:




For a complete list of our videos, please visit our Youtube Channel



Metropolitain Area Planning Commission

The Planning Commission (MAPC) is responsible for ensuring the orderly physical development of the city through the adoption and periodic revision of the City of Jonesboro Comprehensive Plan. The MAPC has statutory authority for the review of plats and conditional use permits, as well as the ability to make recommendations on zoning and other development issues to the City Council.

Meetings Scheduled for 2014

Contact Commission Members:

Paul Hoelscher
328 S. Church St.
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-974-2356
Term Expires: 04/30/2014

Joe Tomlinson
207 Hillpoint Cove
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-935-7062
Term Expires: 04/30/2014

Ron Kelton
2007 Lion Heart
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone: 870-761-4642
Term Expires: 04/30/2015

Kim (Elmore) Schrantz
308 Hunters Ridge Dr.
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone: 870-897-6218
Email: (county appointee)
Term Expires: 01/25/2016

Brian Dover
915 S. Main Street
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-934-1511
Email: (county appointee)
Term Expires: 03/01/2014

Lonnie Roberts, Jr. (Chairman)
3613 Ridgeway Circle
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone: 870-919-0969
Term Expires: 04/30/2015

Beverly Nix
P. O. Box 7045
Jonesboro, AR 72403
Phone: 870-530-1470
Email: (county appointee)
Term Expires: 08/26/2014

Jerry Reece
3609 Leslie Ann Dr.
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-919-7800
Term Expires: 04/320/2015

Jim Scurlock
800 W. Johnson Ave.
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-974-2210
Term Expires: 07/16/2016



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