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Home Occupation Permit

  1. City Seal in Color MEDIUM.png

  2. Is State or local licensing required?

    If so, please attach a copy of the license to this application.

  3. Describe the proposed use, explain why it is appropriate for this location, and describe any precautions to be taken to minimize adverse impacts on neighboring properties.

  4. By signing below, you are confirming that:

  5. 1. You were given a copy of Zoning Ordinance Section 14.28.03 (b & c) ---"Home Occupation Permitted"

  6. 2. You have read and understand the requirements of Section 14.28.03 (b & c) as they relate to your home occupation business.

  7. 3. You agree to operate your home occupation business in a manner that will comply with all requirements of Section 14.28.03 (b & c)

  8. 4. You understand that failure to operate your business in a manner that complies with Section 14.28.03 (b & c) will result in the revocation of your business license.

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