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Commercial Project Permit Application

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  2. Today's Date

  3. Please provide the most accurate address of the property in which you are performing the new work. Please call the planning office (870-932-0406) if address is unknown.

  4. Please provide the primary telephone number for permit status update. Note that this will be the number utilized by the Permit Tech to notify you that your permit is complete and ready for final payment.

  5. Note: Permit Review Comments will be sent to this email for follow-up.

  6. Please note that at least original architectural wet-sealed drawing set must be expedited to the Planning Office before your application is complete.

  7. Is the Project In A Flood Plain?

  8. Asbestos Requirement (State of Arkansas): State regulations require contractors to have lead and asbestos inspections prior to renovation or alterations of commercial structures. You are required to contact: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) at: 501-682-0718.

  9. Please enter the project cost of the proposed project.

  10. Application Attachment Check List

    You may be required to submit all of the following documents for your permit approval. Please check all that apply to your proposal; note you must attach the digital file of all required docments.

  11. All Commercial Projects with exterior performed work require Engineered Drawings. If no new work is performed on the exterior please attach an aerial image of the project location.

  12. Please attached Plans, Details and Documents done by your Licensed Architect

  13. Please type your full name followed by the four digit current year as verification that you certify the answers to the above questions and any statements made are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

  14. All Departments, upon reviewing each application for permit, enters specific comments, or lists specific items that are insufficient if disapproved.

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    Review Comments

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