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City Attorney: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions of the City Attorney's office...

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( What happens if I forget my court date?
ð If you do not appear in court on the date you are scheduled to appear the judge issues a Failure to Appear warrant for you, which can include a cost cash bond of from $250 and up to $330. This is according to the kind of traffic violation/criminal charge you have. Also, a copy of this FTA is sent to Little Rock Driver Control and your drivers license is suspended until the Warrant is paid.

If the FTA warrant is served by our warrant officers you will be brought to the police department and taken to jail if the bond cannot be paid.


Where do I get a restraining order?
ð Restraing orders are done through chancery court. You will need a private attorney for this matter.
( I have a returned check someone gave me for rent. They paid me $100 on it and said they would pay me the rest, but have not yet done so. Can I get a warrant?
ð No. A check for rent is money owned to a person, this is not a hot check and can't be criminally prosecuted. This will need to be handled in the small claims court and the Municipal Clerk's office.
( Someone hit me and did not have insurance, although they showed the officer proof at the time. What can I do to them?
ð You can fill out an affidavit for the no insurance and pursue that criminally.

If you pay to fix your own car you can also ask the judge for restitution. If your insurance fixes your car then you will have to sue the person financually responsible in Civil Court. If it is less than $5000 it can be handled through our Small Claim Court here in Municipal Court.
( I was beat up last night by my husband (someone that has lived under the same roof for 6 months) and the police charged him with domestic battery and told me to get an order of protection. I would like an order of proteciton.
ð Orders of protection are done by the Circuit Clerk's office (Craighead County Courthouse on Main street) and then put before a chancery judge.
( I have a hot check someone gave me how to I collect it?
ð Pam Parker is head of the hot check program through the Prosecutor's office (3rd floor annex building on Union).
( The Sheriff's office served an eviction notice on this tenant and they will not get out. I had to have them evicted for past due rent. I need to file criminal charges on them.
ð The affidavit for criminal prosecution of failure to vacate is done by Tommy Fowler, DPA (Warren Dupwe's office on W Jefferson).