Jonesboro Beautification Commission

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  1. Tonya Hottel

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 870-336-7195

Vision and Mission:

To meet the intent and wish of the resolution as set forth by the City Council, the members of the Jonesboro Beautification Commission commit to making the city clean, green, and beautiful, as well as building and maintaining a robust city beautification program to improve livability, boost civic pride, and enhance economic development.

Press Releases:


  • James Sanders Jr.
  • Dr. Courtney Hoffman 
  • Andrew Nadzam
  • Madison Rouse
  • Pam Alexander
  • Brian McFarlane
  • Jessica Odom
  • Guy Pardew
  • Cari White
  • Daisy Freeman
  • Chad Chadwick
  • Jesse Ford
  • Dr. Russ Hannah
  • Lisa Tedder
  • Caryl Steele
  • Nicholas Wysocki
  • John Conner
  • Barbara Reng
  • Tracy Owens
  • Brandi Hodges
  • Brittany Mortin
  • Judy Casteel
  • Mary Ellen Warner
  • Beverly Parker
  • David Pierce
  • Dr. Charles Coleman
  • Erika Tuck
  • Nate Schimmel