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Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)!

The N.A.R.T.P.C., with the assistance of a consultant, is in the process of conducting a Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) Innovation Study in the region to identify countermeasures that address pedestrian and bicyclist safety issues that exist along Highway 141 (North Church Street) between Allen Avenue and Alpine Street as well as the intersection of Highway 91 (E. Johnson Avenue) and State Street. As part of the study, a temporary pedestrian crossing has been installed at the intersection of Highway 91 and State Street.  

Temporary Pedestrian Crossing at Highway 91 and State Street intersection

Due to several administrative delays in proceeding, the STEP study is now scheduled to conclude July 31, 2020.

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Welcome to Our Community Corner!

The N.A.R.T.P.C. staff is dedicated to partnering with schools and community groups within the region to help promote the importance of community involvement in regional planning!

Check Out Our Community Collaboration Projects...

Pedestrian Safety Video - developed by the EAST program at Nettleton High School to encourage pedestrian safety

GIS Walkability/Bikeability Map- developed by the EAST program at Annie Camp Junior High School from public ratings of the safety of current infrastructure

GIS Sidewalk/School District Map- developed by EAST students at Nettleton High School to identify the need for the installation of continuous sidewalks throughout the local school districts as a means to increase students' safety in those areas

Community Solutions Video- developed by EAST students at Valley View Junior High School to identify roadway problems and solutions within the area