HUB Services

Information and Referral - We provide information on community services and referrals to other organizations that provide needed services.

Temporary Mailing Address - Guests may use our mailing address for up to six months.

Phones - Use our phone to make local or long distance calls or sign up to receive your own free Lifeline phone.

Computer - We offer free computer access with WiFi to our guests.

Birth Certificates and IDs - The HUB can help with documents needed for jobs, disability, social security, shelter, and more.

Bus Fare - Some guests may qualify for local bus passes or long distance bus tickets.

Shelter Vouchers
 - Some guests may qualify for emergency shelter vouchers. 

Job Readiness Program - Our program teaches skills necessary for employment, then helps you find a job.

Financial Literacy & Budgeting - These classes will teach guests how to manage and budget their income as they move from homeless to sustainability.

Permanent Housing - If accepted as a candidate for permanent housing, clients will receive assistance with rent and utilities for up to six months.