HUB (Helping Underserved Belong)

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HUB (Helping Underserved Belong) was founded by the Mayor’s Task Force to End Homelessness. It is the point of entry for homeless individuals into the larger network of services offered throughout the city.

The HUB connects individuals with the resources they  need to begin their journey out of homelessness.

The HUB will assist any homeless or near-homeless 
individual that needs assistance; however, our focus is on those individuals who are ready to make changes in their lives. Guests receive services for up to six months with the expectation that within that time they will have made significant steps out of homelessness.

The HUB is not a day shelter or a place to hang out. Guests are expected to use their time productively 
and efficiently when they enter our facility. 

The HUB is organized and operated by trained 
volunteers and private donations.