Arkansas Revolution Soccer

Arkansas Revolution Soccer is a self-paid program that offers children and teens, ages 8-18, the chance to participate in a more competitive soccer experience in a positive environment.  Our hope is for the program to guide and inspire players to reach their full potential as athletes, students and productive citizens.

Players will try out for teams that compete in games and tournaments around the state of Arkansas and even in some surrounding states.  This program is broken up into different divisions depending on your child’s age and is open to boys and girls. Tryouts are held during June and July.

The cost varies depending on the age division.  Refer to the chart below for pricing.

Players per team Registration Fee Monthly Coaching Fee Months per season
U9 9 $150 $0 3
U10 9 $150 $0 3
U11 12 $30 3
U12 12 $30 3
U13 22 3
U14 22 3
U15 22 3
U16 22 3
U17 22 3
U18 22 3