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Resource Documents:
2015 Land Use Map (Adopted)

2017 Master Street Plan (Adopted)

MAPC Submittal Deadline & Schedule
Please click here to view the submittal deadline schedule for the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. Please note that the Commission now meets twice a month on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Developer Review Guide:

The City of Jonesboro Planning and Zoning Department is proud to present the Developer's Guide: A Guide to Building and Development in the City of Jonesboro. This information is subject to change periodically, please check back occasionally for changes.

Click Here to Download the Development Review Guide Edited 1/2/2016

Section Description

Each section is broken down into a summary, flowchart, and checklist, followed by frequently asked questions to better communicate the processes involved with development in the City of Jonesboro. We have ordered the sections of this guide to match that of a development project, moving from zoning approval to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.). A list of meeting submittal deadlines and meeting times is provided, along with submittal requirements for the various processes involved. In addition, a supplement to this guide containing most of our applications and certifications are available.


Although the city staff made every effort to simplify and condense portions of the various ordinances, which govern development in the City of Jonesboro for the benefit of developers, developers are advised that the ordinances should be consulted for details and clarifications. The ordinances shall have precedent over this document if any discrepancies or conflicts arise between this document and the ordinances.


The Developer's Guide will be updated on a regular basis, and its effectiveness will depend on input from the development community. Please feel free to forward any comments or suggestions to the Planning Department.

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Housing Study/ Moratorium Housing Analysis Document:

R-1 TO R-3 Residential Code District Regulations  - Older Code