Homeowner Emergency/Rehabilitation Assistance

Intention of Program

The Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program provides necessary minor and major housing improvements for low and moderate income individuals, and elderly/handicapped persons using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The program also aims to improve the quality of the general housing stock in the City of Jonesboro. These improvements are made in an effort to provide homeowners with healthy, sanitary, and safety conditions and more livable housing unit.


  • Must be the legal homeowner of a detached single family home
  • Must have homeowner’s insurance or flood insurance if applicable
  • Residence must be within the city limits of Jonesboro
  • Family income must meet HUD Federal Income Guidelines
  • The home must be economically feasible to rehabilitate
  • Property taxes must be paid

Homeowner Repairs Include

  • Labor and materials
  • Replacement of principal fixtures and components of existing structures
  • Installation of security devices, including smoke detectors
  • Initial homeowner warranty premium (except when a grant is provided)
  • Hazard insurance premium (except when a grant is provided)
  • Flood insurance premium (except when a grant is provided)
  • Conservation costs for water and energy efficiency

Emergency Repairs Included

  • Plumbing Repairs - due to no water accessibility or deterioration
  • Faulty and/or dangerous electrical systems
  • Excessive roof deterioration 
  • Heat and Air Repairs - no heat in the winter or no air conditioning in the summer
  • Structural problems
  • ADA Accessibility Improvements
  • Repairs deemed life threatening/imminent danger