CDBG Programs

  1. Demolition & Clearance

    This program is designed to assist the low income homeowner whose property is facing condemnation and/or poses a health or safety risk. This program provides the funds for the demolition of the structure while allowing the owner to maintain ownership of the property without the standard condemnation lien.

  2. Homeownership Assistance

    Owning a home is part of the American Dream. The Grants and Community Development team can assist those trying to achieve homeowner status with the application of CDBG funding. One of our primary goals is to help expand home ownership opportunities to our low and moderate income citizens.

  3. Homeowner Rehab Assistance

    CDBG funds may be used to assist qualifying homeowners with the repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction of owner-occupied units. Funds may also be used for grants, loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, or other forms of assistance to homeowners for the purpose of repairs, rehabilitation, or reconstruction.

  4. Sewer Hook-Up

    The Sewer Hook-Up program offers low income families an opportunity to be hooked up to a main sewer trunk line [in existence]. The family must occupy the home, have insurance on the home, be current on all taxes, and meet HUD income guidelines.

  5. CDBG Request For Proposal (RFP)

    CDBG funded projects as Public Service, Public Facilities and Improvements, and/or Economic Development are available to qualified entities.